• Duration
    5 months
  • Location
  • Mode
  • Fees
    Fully Subsidised

Inspire and transform your instructional leadership to have greater impact on teaching, learning and wellbeing.  

This engaging and inspiring program supports principals in creating a dynamic teaching and learning environment.  

You will explore latest research, data and evidence to make informed decisions that support teachers to design learning experiences using contemporary pedagogies to engage learners.  

Collaborate with new and experienced principals, and school and system leaders, to enhance decision-making and build collective efficacy. 

Leave feeling empowered to identify and enable excellent teaching practices that improve student learning and wellbeing outcomes. 


Designed for Victorian government school principals and system leaders, who have the option to invite members of their school leadership team such as  education improvement leaders, assistant principals, learning specialists and leading teachers.


Co-designed by the Victorian Academy of Teaching and Leadership and Ernst and Young, experienced facilitators and subject matter experts deliver content in each elective field.  

The program commences with an orientation and core module, introducing you to the concepts of future focused educational leadership.  

Six elective modules are available, each providing live and self-paced online learning for 7-14 hours per term. You must participate in at least two electives prior to completing the final core module of the program. 

Elective Modules Overview  

Extending curriculum beyond the classroom  

Explore a range of approaches to whole school curriculum and enact cross-disciplinary experiences for learning. Understand how you can influence students to become independent, lifelong learners.  

Engaging today’s students for a changing world  

Critically evaluate your school’s instructional model to identify pedagogical approaches used within your school and reflect on how they meet the needs​​ of your students. Articulate the why of your decisions around pedagogy. 

Measuring what we value

Re-think assessment as a process and support your teachers to become evidence-based practitioners. Identify ways to describe and measure what success looks like for student learning and wellbeing. 

Collective structures for a school that learns 

Go beyond the PLC system architecture and into structures that will help you shape a truly collaborative culture. Explore strategies to organise your school to meet student needs.   

Unlocking the science of learning  

Find out what neuroscience can teach us about the learning process and gain insight into the role of stories and narrative in human cognition. Support improved differentiation of instruction across your school and create learning environments that motivate students and enable them to learn.  

Emerging technologies 

Delve into emerging technologies and learn how they can hinder or support learning. Challenge your assumptions and identify opportunities to make better decisions about using technology in your school.  

By engaging with the whole program, you will understand how to: 

  • apply future-focused thinking to leading teaching, learning and wellbeing 
  • apply the science of learning to create effective learning environments 
  • analyse and enhance whole school curriculum  
  • use structures to shape a collaborative school culture and build relational trust  
  • evaluate instructional models to facilitate student-centred learning 
  • leverage technologies to promote collaboration, engagement, and creativity 
  • enhance assessment practices to define and measure success 

Fully subsidised by the Department of Education for Victorian government school participants.

Last updated 26 September 2023