• Duration
    14 weeks
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  • Fees
    Fully Subsidised

Enhance mathematics teaching in your school.

Leading Differentiated Teaching in Mathematics explores teaching approaches that meet the diverse learning abilities, backgrounds and needs of students in an inclusive manner.

Leading Differentiated Teaching in Mathematics is designed for F–9 teacher leaders to enhance differentiation for inclusion in their school. Participants will explore how inclusive learning design in the maths classroom addresses diverse learner needs and apply their learning to develop an implementation plan for a school-based problem of practice. 

Leading Differentiated Teaching in Mathematics is part of the Academy's Numeracy Suite.


Designed for Victorian government school teacher leaders (F-9) with a desire to further develop their pedagogical and inclusive learning design expertise. This includes:

  • primary or secondary numeracy or mathematics leaders
  • professional learning community leaders
  • curriculum coordinators.


Facilitated by David Leigh-Lancaster and Angela Scuderi.

This course will be delivered entirely online.

It will span across 14 weeks for a total of 27 hours, including 12 hours of synchronous learning and 15 hours of asynchronous learning. 

This includes 6 online workshops, a Mathematics Leadership Project and a journal.

You’ll gain knowledge and understanding of:

  • pedagogical approaches that can support differentiated, inclusive mathematics teaching
  • maintaining effective teaching in challenging circumstances
  • inclusive lesson structures
  • collaborative planning techniques that focus on elevating differentiation. 

You’ll develop the skills to: 

  • confidently identify, modify and implement effective pedagogical practices in the classroom that can further enhance differentiated and inclusive mathematics teaching
  • prioritise evidence-based, high-impact strategies and support others to use them consistently
  • model and demonstrate evidence-based teaching strategies
  • develop trusting relationships with students and staff
  • build high expectations of students and staff.

Leading Differentiated Teaching in Mathematics is fully subsidised by the Department of Education for Victorian government school participants.

Last updated 17 July 2023