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Inspire: Local Leaders

Build your school leadership capabilities to make a difference in your school and network, and to succeed as a leader.
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Inspire: Local Leaders
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    Develop the capabilities required for school leadership. 

    Inspire: Local Leaders prepares you to pursue and succeed in school leadership.   

    You will explore leadership concepts and reflect on how you can achieve your personal leadership goals.   

    The program focuses on developing the capabilities you need to lead school improvement, effectively engage colleagues and build your professional network.  


    Designed for teachers who are highly effective in classrooms and ready to start exploring leadership.  


    Designed and delivered by highly accomplished principals who have completed Inspire: Facilitator Training. 

    Structure of program

    Over 5 months you will engage and contribute to:  

    • workshops (3.5 days in total)  
    • self-directed learning (approximately 11 hours)  
    • post-workshop tasks.   


    Workshops are designed around 7 modules.   

    Workshop 1: Connect and align   

    • Understand yourself as a leader. 
    • Gain a deeper understanding of the program.   
    • Build connections with fellow participants and form communities of practice.  
    • Identify opportunities for school improvement. 

    Workshop 2: Apply and engage  

    • Explore key department frameworks and resources.  
    • Understand school improvement drivers and strategic alignment. 
    • Reflect on your leadership capabilities.   

    Workshop 3: Sustain and inspire  

    • Reflect on emotional intelligence, better conversations and influencing strategies.  
    • Explore aspects of effective feedback. 
    • Explore various leadership approaches. 
    • Reflect on your experiences of inspired and inspiring school leadership.   

    Workshop 4: Celebrate   

    • Present your improvement journey.  
    • Reflect on your professional growth.  
    • Identify opportunities to sustain professional networks.

    Self-directed learning  

    Self-directed learning activities in your own time (approximately 11 hours) include:   

    • pre-workshop reading and reflection activities  
    • collecting in-school data    
    • collaborating with your community of practice  
    • contributing to online discussion boards.   

    Community of Practice 

    You will have the opportunity to work collaboratively with your Community of Practice for the duration of the program. They will support you to develop and action-specific teaching, learning or wellbeing improvement goals that align to your school’s strategic priorities and your own development.  Together, you will present these in the final workshop.     

    Learning outcomes

    You’ll gain knowledge and understanding of:  

    • the Academy Leadership Excellence Framework 
    • the leadership frameworks and resources of the Department of Education 
    • leadership principles and theories   
    • emotional intelligence, better conversations and influencing strategies   
    • your personal leadership style and capabilities.   

    You’ll develop the skills to:   

    • identify and apply leadership learnings 
    • build relationships and effectively engage colleagues to achieve specific outcomes   
    • work collaboratively with a network of professional peers to support leadership development. 

    Fees and financial support

    Fully subsidised by the Department of Education for Victorian government school participants. 

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