• Duration
    5 days
  • Location
    East Melbourne
  • Mode
    Face to face
  • Fees
    DET Fully Subsidised

Create the conditions for educators to effectively collaborate so that every student thrives. 

Data Wise Australia will explore how you can drive collaboration and provide you with the practical tools you need to build an equitable school. 

Learn the Harvard Data Wise Improvement Process, an 8-step model that guides you and your team to work collaboratively to improve teaching and learning through evidence-based analysis.  

This program will prepare you to plan and launch this inquiry process in your own setting and develop the habits of mind needed to use collaborative data inquiry, to build a more equitable school. 

This program will prepare you to lead collaborative analysis of a wide range of data sources, including periodic formative assessments, daily student work, observation of classroom practice, and standardised tests.


Designed for school teams of 3 or more people including:

  • a principal
  • at least 1 teacher
  • one or more other educators in leadership roles. 

Preference will be given to teams that include at least 1 curriculum and instruction specialist, such as a literacy or mathematics coach.

This program will also serve system-level teams. System teams of 3 or more must include a senior manager and at least 2 others in system-level roles.


Designed by Harvard Graduate School of Education and facilitated by:

  • Kathryn Parker Boudett, Senior Lecturer on Education, Faculty Director, Learning And Teaching, Harvard
  • Penny Jayne, Managing Director, Global Education Equity Alliance - Victoria, Australia. 

Data Wise Australia is delivered over 5 face-to-face days in Melbourne. 

During the program, your school team will interact with the Data Wise teaching team, and peers from diverse settings around Australia, who are all committed to learning how to lead collaborative inquiry.

In a hands-on, interactive format, you will learn and use tools to present, discuss, and act on data.

You’ll learn how to: 

  • articulate how and why equity is central to your school improvement work
  • take an equity lens at each step of the Data Wise Improvement Process
  • demonstrate a relentless focus on evidence when collaboratively analysing a wide range of data sources, including annual standardised tests, periodic formative assessments, daily class work, and observations of classroom practice
  • engage in intentional collaboration by using a Meeting Wise rolling agenda and practising wise meeting facilitation and participation
  • create a plan for integrating the Data Wise Improvement Process and ACE Habits of Mind into the core work of a school. 

The course fees are significantly subsidised by the Department of Education and Training for Victorian government school teams. 

Co-contribution: $500 (incl. GST) for each Victorian government school participant.  

Schools that are more than 100km from Melbourne are eligible to claim the accommodation subsidy.

See Fees and financial support for more information.

Non-government school participants are not eligible for subsidies and will be subject to a full fee enrolment.

Course fee: $5,533 (incl. GST) per non-government school participant.

If you have any questions about fees and subsidies, contact Rachel Crellin, A/Manager System Leadership at Rachel.Crellin@education.vic.gov.au

Last updated 17 June 2022