• Duration
    1 month
  • Location
    North Melbourne
  • Mode
  • Fees
    Fully Subsidised

The Future of Educational Leadership will focus on the demands of the future, as opposed to the immediate operational demands by which you, as a school leader, are frequently absorbed.

You will be invited to raise your sights to explore the conditions and demands of the future that will impact your learners.

You will be provided with tools and frameworks to enable you to become a leader of a ‘future-fit’ school.


Designed for principal class officers and senior education improvement leaders.


Valerie Hannon is a global educational thought leader and co-founder of both Innovation Unit and of the Global Education Leaders Partnership. Formerly a secondary mathematics teacher, Valerie is an adviser to the OECD in its Education 2030 project and a regular keynote speaker and facilitator at international conferences and workshops, drawing upon substantial research and publications. 

You are expected to engage in and contribute to:

  • a face-to-face work (1 day)
  • an online workshop (2 hours)

Face-to-face workshop

The face-to-face workshop will be delivered over a full day and will focus on 3 key sessions. 

Session 1: The agenda for leaders of the future

This session will build on the recently published paper The future of educational leadership: Five signposts (Hannon and Mackay, 2021). The session will be a mix of presentation and group work.

Session 2: Designing ‘future-fit’ schools

This session will draw upon recently published research (FutureSchool: school design principles for the future Hannon, V., 2022 Routledge). It will enable you to explore, examine, appreciate and critique a series of design principles for schools of the future which range across values, operational philosophy and learner experience. Practical exemplars, including video materials, will illustrate these. The focus will be on enabling you to reflect upon your own values and context to determine the right set of design principles for your own circumstances.

Session 3: Leading future-fit schools in the here and now

This session will bring together material from the previous 2 sessions to develop practical strategies for you to take forward your learning. It involves video testimony from outstanding leaders who have found a way to be future-focused despite system and resource constraints. One outcome will be a template for a practical change and development program at personal and institutional levels.

You will develop the knowledge and skills to:

  • plan for how you will further your own development in each of the 5 ‘domains’ of future focused educational leadership.
  • critique design principals for creating schools of the future.
  • implement practical strategies for change and development of applicable future focused thinking.

Fully subsidised by the Department of Education for Victorian government school participants.

Last updated 03 February 2023