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    2 half days
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    DET Fully Subsidised

Focus on wellness of self to enable effective educational leadership 

Developed in response to the needs and aspirations of assistant principals across Victoria, Focus on: Leadership and Wellbeing is an opportunity to hear from experts in education and wellbeing. 

In two 3-hour sessions you will have the opportunity to engage with peers and experts to focus on the wellness of self and its role in empowering others to support excellence in teaching and learning. 

You will leave with an understanding of how to apply the latest research in educational leadership and school improvement, and with practical advice on applying a wellbeing lens to school improvement. 

You will explore what makes a great leader in education, learn about best practice in health and wellbeing, and identify key areas for growth and development. 


Designed for assistant principals in Victorian government schools.

If you are from a non-government school and are interested in participating, please contact the course coordinator to discuss eligibility.


Developed by Pinnacle Group Australia and facilitated by Justin Bown (Pinnacle Group Australia) and Jacqui Patuawa from Evaluation Associates. 

The course is delivered online: 

  • two 3-hour workshops held on consecutive days (6 hours) 
  • self-directed pre-and post-workshop learning (approximately 2 hours) 

Online workshop

Online workshops are delivered in two 3-hour sessions on consecutive days.  

Workshop 1

You will:

  • hear from keynote speaker Distinguished Professor Emeritus Viviane Robinson about leader capabilities and dispositions 
  • undertake an activity to apply learnings from the keynote session.  

Workshop 2

You will:

  • explore wellbeing tips and tricks related to sleep, exercise, and nutrition and commit to practical actions 
  • hear from keynote speaker Bruce Armstrong, education consultant and former Deputy Secretary 
  • undertake an activity to apply learnings from the keynote session 
  • participate in a planning and reflection session. 

Self-directed learning: 

Self-directed learning activities include: 

  • keeping a time-use log for 2 weeks prior to the workshops 
  • post-workshop reflection activities. 

You’ll gain knowledge and understanding of:

  • the capabilities and dispositions of effective educational leaders 
  • how to identify the beliefs that underpin your leadership actions and decision-making 
  • practical tips and tricks in sleep, exercise, and nutrition to enhance personal wellbeing, and commit to practical actions 
  • how to plan a more sustainable career in education by applying your learning and reflections from the forum to prioritise school improvement and your wellbeing. 

Fully subsidised by the Department of Education and Training for Victorian government school participants.

Last updated 31 December 2021