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The impact of leadership on student and school improvement cannot be underestimated.

Educational leadership requires a healthy balance of head and heart, cognitive and emotional reasoning, people, and task focus.

Tracey Ezard’s ferocious warmth leadership approach is an easy to implement framework that empowers you to use both head and heart within your classroom and school. This leadership approach can assist you to navigate the modern-day complexities of teaching and educational leadership.

During the session, Tracey will focus on:

  • the importance of self-understanding in leading others, and the impact of your leadership
  • how your default behaviours can be both strengths and weaknesses
  • the impact of balanced leadership
  • how lack of connection and unmet needs can move individuals to the extremities of leadership
  • useful ways to recalibrate and build an approach of Ferocious Warmth.
Tracey Ezard

Tracey Ezard is an educator, a National Fellow of the Australian Council of Education Leaders and a Certified Speaking Professional. She has a background in teaching, educational leadership, business and project management.




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Last updated 27 May 2022