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    4.30 pm– 6.00 pm
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    DET Fully Subsidised

Are some of your students apprehensive, anxious, or hard to engage?

This webinar will provide you with the strategies that teachers, school and system leaders can use to recapture student learning “mojo”. Participants will leave with an enriched understanding of student engagement, and insights into related brain systems.

During the session, Andrew will focus on:

  • how to create student interest and engagement and more importantly, how to regain it when it goes missing
  • how to lead a school towards neuro-development differentiation
  • how neurochemistry relates to motivation and engagement
  • how to implement these approaches especially in challenging environments and situations.
Andrew Fuller

Andrew Fuller is a clinical psychologist, family therapist, author, speaker, and creator of Learning Strengths™ – the neurochemistry of successful learning.

Passionate about student learning and development, his work has been fundamental to the way schools and communities build and maintain the wellbeing and resilience of our children and young people.


Linda Craig
Project Officer
Principal Programs

Last updated 21 June 2022