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    5 weeks
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    Fully Subsidised

Build an understanding of the modern science of learning

Emerging Trends in Learning Science will build your familiarity with established and universal elements of cognitive science and neuroscience that underpin effective learning.

You will explore what these elements can tell us about memory and attention, learning at different developmental stages, how technology can enhance or hinder learning, and the problem of teaching 21st century skills.


Designed for principal class employees, senior education improvement leaders, and middle leaders including leading teachers and learning specialists.


Designed and delivered by neuroscientist Jared Cooney Horvath.

The series comprises five, 90-minute webinars.

Webinar 1: Memory and attention

During this session, you will explore human memory and attention. Through this exploration, you will uncover 10 principles of human memory and 5 principles of human attention to better ensure messages are stick.

Webinar 2: Memory and attention part 2

During this session, you will continue to explore the 15 key principles of memory and attention, completing your journey through this topic.

Webinar 3: Teens, tech, and learning across the ages

During this session, you will explore how learning evolves from childhood to adulthood, with a specific focus on teenagers and what is happening uniquely with them. Finally, you will consider what role technology plays (the good, the bad, and the surprising) in modern education.

Webinar 4: Stress and relationships

During this session, you will explore the mechanisms of stress and consider how we can beneficially address this increasingly important topic within education (both with regards to teachers and students). You will explore the 7 principles of effective relationships to derive principles to employ at school to boost positive relationships.

Webinar 5: Creativity and the problem with 21st century skills

Through a focus on creativity, you will uncover the problem with engendering 21st century skills within the classroom. Furthermore, you will take a deep dive into assessment and the mechanisms behind standardised testing, drawing these back to the problem of assessing skills like creativity.

You will:

  • build an understanding of the modern science of learning
  • consider how to use key concepts and principles within your leadership practice.

Fully subsidised by the Department of Education for Victorian government school participants.

Last updated 19 January 2023