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    7 weeks
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    Fully Subsidised

Part of the Literacy and Numeracy series, the ‘Elevated Conversations’ 3-part webinar series is designed to enhance the impact of professional meetings and collaboration on literacy and numeracy improvement for middle and teacher leaders. 

The challenge of switching from ‘teaching mode’ to ‘professional collaboration’ mode means that it is often difficult to facilitate disciplined, focused and productive conversations, even though schools across Victoria have carved out blocks of time for teachers to meet, think and improve. 

The Elevated Conversations protocols provide a structured process and template to support educator teams to enrich essential conversations that can improve thinking, practice and outcomes. 

During this course, participants will be provided with an opportunity to learn, adapt and apply six key protocols, and will acquire skills to elevate the quality of any literacy or numeracy-focused meeting or professional learning session. 


Elevated Conversations: Leading Literacy and Numeracy Improvement invites teacher leaders (both in formal and informal leadership roles) who may be involved in improving and/or leading improvement literacy and numeracy outcomes for students. 


Dr Simon Breakspear began his work in education as a high school teacher and is now a researcher, advisor and speaker on educational leadership, policy and change. Simon now specialises in creating frameworks and tools that educational leaders use to improve their practice. His work in this area has given him the opportunity to work with over 100,000 educators across the world. 

Simon is currently an adjunct Senior Lecturer at the University of New South Wales and serves as an advisor to the NSW Department of Education on school leadership and curriculum reform. He has earned a PhD in Education from The University of Cambridge.

Pre-webinar reflective task: Reflection audit activity (20 minutes) 

3 webinars (1h 45 minutes each) 

3 post-webinar tasks (45 minutes each) 

Webinar participants will: 

  • examine the common challenges teacher leaders face in leading disciplined and collaborative dialogue, focused on literacy and numeracy improvement 
  • apply an understanding of how structured protocols can enhance professional connection, thinking and practice, and analyse specific literacy and numeracy examples 
  • build capabilities in facilitating protocols to lift the quality of literacy and numeracy-focused improvement conversations in their educational context. 

Fully subsidised by the Department of Education for Victorian government school participants. 

Last updated 16 October 2023