• Duration
    4 weeks
  • Location
  • Mode
    Online Webinar
  • Fees
    Fully Subsidised

Develop the skills to improve your cross-cultural relationships with colleagues, teachers and students.

The need for cultural intelligence, appreciating diversity and being inclusive within our schools has never been so critical. Our population is growing, and in turn, the diversity within our schools is flourishing.

To become truly inclusive, we need to understand how to communicate effectively across cultures both within our schools and with the whole school community.

Developing Cultural Intelligence empowers you with the skills and knowledge you need to improve your cross-cultural relationships with colleagues, teachers and students, and communicate better with cross-cultural teams. You’ll also discover practical tips on how to become more inclusive in all aspects of your work.


Designed for Victorian government school principals, assistant principals and teacher leaders.


The Academy has partnered with Cultural Synergies to bring this series to Victorian school leaders. 

Dr Tom Verghese will lead this rich and important discussion. Dr Verghese is the founding principal of Cultural Synergies and is also an executive coach and highly sought-after speaker. He has worked extensively with a diverse range of multinational, national and local organisations to build cross-cultural agility and diversity mindset shifts.

Dr Tom Verghese works as a trusted advisor with numerous global leaders, has authored numerous publications on cultural intelligence and is a passionate educator.

Over 6 weeks, you will engage in and contribute to:

  • 3 online workshops (2 hours each)

Workshop 1: Introduction to cultural intelligence

Explore the changing context for understanding culture, including what culture is and why it matters. You will also discover the cultural intelligence (CQ) framework, what it means to be inclusive, and the impact of exclusion.

Workshop 2: Frameworks for understanding culture

Continue your exploration of the CQ framework (CQ drive, CQ knowledge, CQ strategy and CQ action) and the dimensions of culture.

Workshop 3: Developing cultural agility

You will develop an understanding of cultural agility, as well as skills and models for reinforcing CQ.

You will receive a digital copy of Tom’s books, The invisible elephant and Cultural agility, and will leave the sessions with improved cultural understanding and the ability to build better relationships with diverse groups of stakeholders.

Workshop 4: Implementing CQ

In this final workshop, you will learn about strategies to help you use your cultural intelligence every day.

You'll gain knowledge and an understanding of how to:

  • implement a robust framework to better understand cultural similarities and differences
  • build a mindset that allows for cultural agility and leverage cultural diversity
  • use strategies, skills and tools that will assist you in working in a cross-cultural manner
  • leverage the impact of culture on communication, teamwork and stakeholder interactions.

Fully subsidised by the Department of Education for Victorian government school participants. 

Last updated 08 September 2023