• Duration
    4 days
  • Location
    East Melbourne
  • Mode
    Face to face
  • Fees
    Fully Subsidised

Develop daring leaders and embed courage into your school’s culture.

The Dare to LeadTM program brings Dr Brené Brown’s research of over 20 years on leadership into action. She has found that courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy show up in our daily practices both helping and hindering our success as a leader.

Dare to LeadTM is a dynamic program requiring active engagement and self-reflection. It has been designed to give actionable strategies to cultivate braver, more daring leaders.

You will be more aware of how and why you put the difficult decisions and tough conversations off. You will leave with the skills and an action plan to effectively have these conversations while embedding the values of courage and inclusion into your practice of creating a good school culture. 


Designed for Victorian government principals, assistant principals, learning specialists and vertical school team leaders.


Facilitated by Mary Hutchison, a trained and certified Dare to LeadTM facilitator keen to spread Brené Brown’s work throughout the education system of Victoria.

Mary has a background in education and is a school principal with over 15 years of experience in 3 diverse primary school settings. She has also been a Network Chair of three different Networks.

Minimum program requirements

To ensure participants fully embrace the Dare to Lead™ experience, we have included the following expectations for course participation:

  1. Complete the prework before the program begins
  2. Attend all four sessions without exception
  3. Actively engage and participate in each session by:
    • Being willing to be vulnerable and sharing reflections and anecdotes from your professional perspective
    • Being present and fully engaged throughout the sessions.

These guidelines are designed to enhance the program's impact and encourage a meaningful and transformative experience for all participants.

You will engage and contribute to:

  • pre-workshop activities
  • workshops (4 days)
  • post-workshop evaluation. 


You are required to complete a pre-program assessment prior to attending the first workshop.


Workshops are delivered over 4 days, face to face. Each intake will be delivered at one of our Academy locations, including Shepparton, Geelong, and North Melbourne. Please ensure you are able to commit to all dates upon registration. 

Workshop 1 — The Heart of Daring Leadership

The 1st day of Dare to Lead™ will address:

  • the heart of daring leadership
  • armoured leadership vs daring leadership
  • self-awareness and emotional literacy
  • rumbling with vulnerability
  • the myths of vulnerability.

Workshop 2 — Rumbling with Vulnerability

The 2nd day of Dare to Lead™ will address:

  • shame resilience
  • empathy and self-compassion
  • armoured vs daring leadership.

Workshop 3 — Living into our Values

The 3rd day of Dare to Lead™ will address:

  • living into our values
  • grounded confidence and rumbling skills
  • engaged feedback
  • armoured vs daring leadership.

Workshop 4 — Braving Trust and Learning to Rise

The 4th day of Dare to Lead™ will address:

  • braving trust
  • The Reckoning
  • The Rumble
  • The Revolution
  • The Integration Plan

You will develop the knowledge and understanding to:

  • expand your self-awareness as a leader and apply more courage, strength and bravery in your leadership technique
  • further your capacity to find and develop individual and team leadership potential
  • embed courage-building practices into your daily life.

Fully subsidised by the Department of Education for Victorian government school participants. 

Last updated 15 April 2024