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29 Aug

Creating a Collaborative Culture

Explore the 10 key elements of collaborative culture, including: collective efficacy, collaborative inquiry, mutual dialogue, common meaning and purpose, and big picture thinking for all.
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29 Aug
3 weeks
Assistant principal
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Creating a Collaborative Culture
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    Through this program, you will explore 10 key elements of collaborative culture, including: collective efficacy, collaborative inquiry, mutual dialogue, common meaning and purpose, and big picture thinking for all.

    You will gain 5 strategies and 12 guiding principles that help guide school leaders on creating a culture that develops the whole child and considers the whole world. Be introduced to a simple tool that all leaders can use to explore how they might better understand and advocate for people “not like me”.  

    You will consider what collaborative professionalism does for teachers, and for student achievement and wellbeing. You will discover how to improve teacher retention, teacher wellbeing, and develop good relationships through the creation of a collaborative culture.


    Designed for Victorian government school principals who have the option to participate with their assistant principals, learning specialists and leading teachers. 


    Andy Hargreaves is Visiting Professor at the University of Ottawa and Research Professor at Boston College. He is a member of the US National Academy of Education, Adviser to the First Minister of Scotland, and the Minister of Education for New Brunswick in Canada. He is past President of the International Congress of School Effectiveness and Improvement.

    Andy has published 35 books and has 8 Outstanding Writing Awards. He has been honoured in Canada, the US, and UK for services to public education and educational research. His $2.7m current research project on creating a national network of schools using play-based learning in the middle years to promote engagement & wellbeing after COVID-19 has been funded by the LEGO Foundation.  His most recent books are Leadership from the Middle; and The Age of Identity (with Dennis Shirley).

    In 2015, Boston College gave him its Excellence in Teaching with Technology Award and in 2023, he was named Canada’s Professor of the Year by EdTech Canada. Andy Hargreaves is an outstanding speaker and workshop presenter who has presented in over 50 countries 47 US States, and all Australian states and Canadian provinces. You can learn more about his work on and you can follow him on X on @hargreavesbc  


    Over 3 weeks, you are expected to engage and contribute to:

    • 3 online workshops (6 hours)
    • self-directed learning (2 hours)

    Online workshops

    Online workshops are delivered over 3 two-hour sessions.

    Workshop 1: Collaborative professionalism and learning  

    Workshop 2: Collaborative professionalism and inclusion

    Workshop 3: Collaborative professionalism and teacher wellbeing 

    Learning outcomes

    By successfully engaging in this course, you will:

    • learn approaches for how to build effective collaborative cultures that rest on strong relationships, and purposeful, focused activity
    • practise strategies for how to build a culture where the whole school supports the whole child in inclusive contexts of diversity
    • build understanding of how to develop cultures of continuous, teacher-designed innovation in their schools - cultures that promote increased engagement and wellbeing for students and their teachers. 

    Fees and financial support

    Fully subsidised by the Department of Education for Victorian government school participants. 

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