• Duration
    5 Months
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  • Fees
    DET Fully Subsidised

Explore leadership concepts and techniques in preparation for your first leadership role.

Changemakers equips you with the knowledge you need to develop your own leadership, positively influence those around you, and lead school improvement that is aligned with your school’s annual implementation plan (AIP).

You will build explicit skills - such as embedding and driving vision and values, building instructional and shared leadership practices, and building leadership teams - and understand what it takes to make meaningful change in your school.


Designed for aspiring middle leaders – those who would like to take on formal leadership roles within their school.


Designed and facilitated by Education Changemakers.

Over 5 months, you are expected to engage in and contribute to:

  • online workshops (3 full days, one 90-minute session)
  • self-directed learning (approximately 3-4 hours)
  • coaching, two 30-minute sessions.

Online workshops

Online workshops are delivered over 4 days.

You will be exposed to a variety of learning formats, including facilitated learning blocks, group-driven learning, and group and individual tasks (both asynchronous and synchronous).

Workshop 1

Comprises three 90-minute sessions:

  • Session 1: What is my role as a leader of learning?
  • Session 2: How am I leading teaching and learning?
  • Session 3: How do I lead a change process?

Workshop 2

Comprises three 90-minute sessions:

  • Session 4: How can I embed vision and value?
  • Session 5: Who am I leading? How am I leading them?
  • Session 6: How can I promote the sharing of school leadership?

Workshop 3

Comprises three 90-minute sessions:

  • Session 7: How do I know my leadership is having an impact?
  • Session 8: How can I build a positive school culture?
  • Session 9: How can I lead professional learning?

Workshop 4

Comprises one 90-minute session:

  • Session 10: How can I embed and celebrate success?

Self-directed learning

Self-directed learning activities in your own time (approximately 3-4 hours) include:

  • pre-workshop readings
  • self-reflection survey
  • sharing, learning and collaborating with colleagues
  • compiling school data
  • contributions to online discussion boards.


You will have access to two 30-minute sessions of personalised coaching during the course.

These coaching sessions support you to analyse the evidence you are collecting for your leadership action plan, ensuring it is rigorous and considers any implementation challenges.

You'll gain knowledge and understanding of:

  • the value of self-reflection as a leader
  • the importance of middle leaders in the educational context
  • best practice in curriculum, assessment and pedagogy
  • strategies that support the knowing, building and maintaining of cohesive teams
  • the metrics available to measure the impact of your leadership.

You’ll develop the skills to:

  • identify and action an AIP-aligned goal for your leadership journey
  • articulate and ‘bring to life’ your schools’ values and vision
  • build the capacity of others
  • develop strategies for celebrating evidence-based success with your team
  • facilitate professional learning in your school.

Fully subsidised by the Victorian Department of Education and Training for Victorian government school participants.

Last updated 04 May 2022