20 August 2020

Steve Munby on Imperfect Leadership

Discover key principles to navigate leadership expectations and learn how imperfect leadership can help you balance leading with power and love.
  • Video
  • Seminar

In times of crisis and uncertainty, we need to lead with empathy and authenticity, and embrace imperfect leadership. To do so builds trust among school staff and the community and inspires others to step into leadership.

In this webinar, education thought leader Steve Munby dispels the myth of perfect leadership. Reflecting on moments in history and his own leadership journey, Munby advocates instead for imperfect leadership, celebrating leaders who are self-aware, supportive, able to admit mistakes and open to change.

Munby sets out 7 guiding principles to lead effectively in difficult times. These principles include servant leadership – acting in the interests of those you serve, walking in the wind – showing up and showing leadership in crisis scenarios, and invitational leadership – understanding your limitations and asking for help internally and externally.

This resource was developed by the former Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership.  

Length: 1:21:01


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