The Victorian Academy of Teaching and Leadership (the Academy) offers principals and assistant principals coaching and mentoring programs that provide on-demand guidance and support to strengthen and build leadership capability.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching will challenge and support you to be a highly effective leader. Coaching provides an opportunity for short-term focused support to move forward on a challenge and will assist to problem solve aspects of your role using a proven framework.

Principals and assistant principals will have access to 8 hours of coaching and executive class principals will have access to 12 hours of coaching over 8 months.

Principal Mentoring

Principal Mentoring provides support from a former Victorian government school principal with first-hand experience and an understanding of the exciting, unique and challenging aspects of your role.

As a mentee, you will be able to tap into the expertise of your mentor through developmental conversations and the sharing of knowledge, skills and perspectives. Through mentoring you can reflect on your current leadership practice, explore new ways of working and support your health and wellbeing enhancing your capabilities as a leader.

You will have access to 12 hours of mentoring that is delivered flexibly over 9 months.

Assistant Principal Mentoring

Tapping into the experience of a former Victorian government school principal , you will enhance your leadership by leveraging the experiences of your mentor to articulate how to tackle problems of practice and advance school objectives.

You will have access to 8 hours of mentoring that is delivered flexibly over 6 months.

Become a mentor

Principals, both former and current, can play a significant role in building leadership knowledge and expertise across the system by becoming a mentor for current principal class members. Consider these opportunities, or share with a colleague, to support and safeguard the success of the Victoria education system.

Become a Mentor Principal

Help mould aspiring school principals into confident and effective leaders by mentoring and providing on-the-job experience as part of our Unlocking Potential: Principal Preparation program.

You will host an aspiring principal during their 20-day internship as they prepare for their first principal appointment.

Become a Mentor for Principals and Assistant Principals

Play a vital role in fostering the development of current principals and assistant principals whilst networking with like-minded retired principals. By becoming a mentor, former or retired principals can continue to support the Victorian education system.

Last updated 05 January 2024